Exciting Changes Astound!

Well, I've finally gotten around to a new blog post!  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the 15.6 pound bundle of 4 month old joy that is my daughter.  Okay, it has everything to do with her!  She's such a beautiful and wonderful little girl, but boy does she eat up time!  I've been attempting to adjust to our new life and how that all shakes out for my illustration as well.

Hey, Mom, what's up?

Hey, Mom, what's up?

And on that note, at the beginning of the new year, I got a new agent!  I haven't said much about it, because I've been so preoccupied with Coral, and I haven't really done much illustration work during maternity leave either.  But now it's go time!  My new agents at Astound have been absolutely wonderful and right now I am polishing up some ideas for them to take to Bologna Book Fair.  Yes, you heard that right BOLOGNA.  Like in Italy!   The biggest Children's book fair of them all!  I am really excited!  Sadly, I don't personally get to go to Italy, but maybe next time!

Springtime is just around the corner here in Indiana!

I think this year is going to be one of those crazy, whirlwind years!  I have alot of hope for the future.  Every time I look at my daughter, I see what exciting times are ahead.  Right now she may only want to eat books (literally), but soon she'll be devouring words and pictures and taking them all to heart!  What an incredible profession I get to be a part of!